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If you’re at the grocery store, and the cashier looks at your belly and asks when the baby is due, and you say you still have 12 weeks to go, and he says, “Holy shit,” is that bad?

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  1. Sam! #2 is on the way??!! I’d love to catch up some time! How about coffee some day in your neck of the woods?

    And yes, it’s bad…. on the cashier’s part. He is clueless! 😉

  2. Yes. It’s bad. HIS bad. He, and all men (and women who have not yet endured a pregnancy and everything that goes along with it) all should learn the rule.

    When you see a woman who is obviously pregnant, and you ask “When are you due?” (with “obviously” being a key part of this sentence…if you’re wondering if it’s a baby or the burrito she had for lunch, DON’T ASK.), and she says “Oh, I have 2/3/4 months to go!”, the only appropriate response is, “Wow…you look AMAZING.”.

  3. In high school I once asked a substitute teacher (the hip sister of my hip art teacher, who turned out to be my favorite teacher of all time)…

    I asked the A-line corduroy-jumper clad sub “When is the baby due?” and realized the severity my faux pas from the look on her face.

    In my defense, I do believe there was smocking across the yoke (this being Louisiana in the late 70s)

    But still, my bad. My really big bad.

    That cashier is an idiot. I think you have grounds to sue Safeway!

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